6-0 on Sunday Football + 75% on Over/Unders 💪

Week 13 of Sir Rebral in the Books

A weak start on Thursday exploded into a strong Sunday. The Sir Rebral Seven went 6-0 on Sunday. Across my full slate, I went 75% on Over/Unders and 63% overall. Even though the numbers speak for themselves, let’s breakdown this week’s success (and the one miss).

The Sir Rebral Seven


Final Score: Miami Dolphins 45 Washington Commanders 15

Tyreek Hill burning a corner for a 75 YD TD in the first quarter set the tone for the whole game. The Commanders have now given up exactly 45 points back to back weeks. The writing was on the wall! The Dolphins had 31 at the half, and cruise controlled to an easy 30 point win. These kinds of things are fairly likely to happen when the best passing unit faces the worst DBs!


Final Score: Dallas Cowboys 41 Seattle Seahawks 35

The Seahawks’ dormant offense finally came out of hibernation this game, gaining 400 yards and scoring TDs on all 5 of their scores. Despite the Seahawks explosion, the Cowboys still almost covered the spread at the end. Nonetheless, there was no way to see the Seahawks breaking out like this, especially against a solid Dallas defense. Daron Bland got burned for a 70 YD TD, and also got called for two 50 yard pass interference penalties. Brutal!


Final Score: Atlanta Falcons 13 NY Jets 8

This game was closer than I thought, but the Falcons got it done. Betting on the Jets offense as of late is just not possible, as they proved that right yet again, manufacturing 0 TDs. It is ugly in New York right now with no offensive line or quarterback!


Final Score: Houston Texans 22 Denver Broncos 17

Score Projection: Texans 26 Broncos 17

This game was way ahead on both the under and Houston covering most of the way, as the Broncos only manufactured 3 points in the first half. More of the same from the Texans offense: ability to move the ball, but inability to convert into a lot of touchdowns. They were clearly better than the Broncos on both offense and defense, but not converting touchdowns let the Broncos hang around. They almost stole it at the end, but the Texans defense held in the red zone. Second half long touchdown plays ignited the Broncos offense, but they still came up short. 


Final Score: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21 Carolina Panthers 18

Betting on teams after a coach gets fired is a tradition that is just too good to ever pass up. But on a more analytical note, the Buccaneers have terrible DBs, so it was about time Carolina went from scoring in the low 10s to the high 10s! Carolina also got their star corner Jaycee Horn back, which helps solidify a defense that can certainly be competitive, and was in this game.

🙅‍♂️SIR REBRAL STAY AWAY🙅‍♂️: KC -6.5 at GB 

Don’t touch this spread! 

The Chiefs defense gave us signs last week against the Raiders that there might be some regression going on, and that is exactly what happened. The Packers got whatever they wanted in this game, and the spread being what it was for KC on the road looked very suspicious.

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