62% Season Record?! I know that's right.

The Sir Rebral Seven Recap: NFL Week 6

Another hot week for Sir Rebral stans. My Sir Rebral Seven went 4-3 (57%) in Week 6 and the Sir Rebral Seven’s overall record this season is 24-15-3 (62%). Can you say 🏈💰🏈🤑?

After this weekend, I hope you feel like a big winner. I know I do. Now let’s get into these selects and break down what I got right and what I got wrong.

Week 6 Sir Rebral Seven


Cerebral Index Rating: 98 (out of maximum 100)

There was a scoring outbreak in the second half that made this a bit closer than anticipated, but the under still held. I underestimated the bad defense in this game, even as the Patriots defense breaks down in real time, giving up nearly 400 yards to a mediocre Raiders offense. Luckily, the Raiders crappy red zone offense made up for that (they couldn’t punch in TDs). They broke 20 for the FIRST time this season, only because of the late safety!


Cerebral Index Rating: 97

The Raiders were in control from the start, driving the ball down the field almost every possession. They only punted it twice the whole game. Due to their insane lack of execution in the red zone, they allowed the Patriots to come back and get within 2, before getting a safety when they were in desperation mode to get the margin back to 4 to cover the spread. It was definitely dicey, but the Raiders were clearly the better team and the right bet.


Cerebral Index Rating: 97

I made this selection before I knew that both of the best defensive players for these teams would be out (Jalen Carter for Philly, Sauce Gardner for the Jets). Despite that, these teams are deep, and still are 2 of the best defenses in the league, especially the Jets. The Jets were the first team to really get pressure against the Philly D-line, shutting them out in the second half and causing a litany of turnovers! The Eagles defense did their job and bent but didn’t break, holding the Jets to 4 FGs only until late when the Jets got a turnover and started in the red zone. At the end of the day, this matchup was a fundamental under play, even with some players out. Final score 20-14…what a doozy!


Cerebral Index Rating: 97

While the Jets made an admirable effort, the Eagles are just several tiers better than them, as evidence in this game. Jalen Hurts had to throw 3 picks (and Swift had a fumble) in order for the Jets to win, and it wasn’t even a guarantee at the end, either. Good effort by the Jets, but if we played this game 10 times, the Eagles would cover at least 6 or 7 of them. Sloppy performance by Philly, and major variance.


Cerebral Index Rating: 96

Our chance to win this bet basically disappeared when Justin Fields dislocated his thumb in the 3rd quarter, and the backup QB immediately came in and gave up a sack fumble touchdown return. The final score read 19-13, but if you take away the defensive TD, the Bears offense outscored them 13-12. I still stand by my pregame read that the Vikings offense would be nothing special, but the Bears weren’t able to execute down the stretch with the backup quarterback. The Bears offensive line was a lot shakier than I thought, but they were able to get it together after the first quarter mostly.


Cerebral Index Rating: 96

The Lions are finally established as a contender, and that was commenced in this game as they shut down the Tampa Bay offense entirely. The Lions defense is for real, their offense is for real, and they controlled this game the entire way.


Cerebral Index Rating: 96

This was a frustrating one. An absurd number of field goal settles prevented this game from going over. There were 800 combined yards of offense in this game, but sometimes things just don’t pan out. The 9-6 halftime score says it all!


Don’t touch this spread!

This game was neck and neck the entire way. Both teams played stupid, it almost seemed like a competition to see who could out-stupid the other. Another good stay away pick, as it was a pure tossup game between two underachieving teams.

Spread Selects

🔄DEN +11 @ KC

❌TEN +5.5 against BAL

❌ATL -2 v WSH

❌NO -2.5 @ HOU

✅MIA -13.5 v CAR

❌IND +4.5 @ JAX

❌CHI +3 v MIN

❌SEA +2.5 @ CIN

✅LV -3 v NE

✅DET -3 @ TB

❌ARI +7 @ LAR

❌PHI -7 @ NYJ

❌BUF -15 v NYG

Over/Under Selects

❌DEN @ KC: OVER 48

✅TEN against BAL: UNDER 42

✅ATL v WSH: UNDER 42.5

✅NO @ HOU: UNDER 42.5

✅MIA v CAR: OVER 47.5


❌CHI v MIN: OVER 44.5

❌SEA @ CIN: OVER 45.5

✅LV v NE: UNDER 41.5

✅DET @ TB: UNDER 43.5


✅PHI @ NYJ: UNDER 42.5

✅BUF v NYG: UNDER 44.5

I hope you had fun over the weekend, whether watching and betting from the couch, on-the-go, or in the stadium. The Sir Rebral Team did all of the above. Check out my teammate’s day going to the Ravens v. Titans game in London. (And while you’re at it, peep the rest of our TikTok content.)


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I’ll see you right here in your inbox in a few days with my selects for Week 7. But hey, don’t be a stranger. Come chill with me and my friends on Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.


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