8-1 on NFL Playoff Spreads🏈💰🤑

Sir Rebral Results & Analysis from Divisional Round

The Divisional Round is in the rear view mirror. From my regal Sir Rebral standpoint, there are few key points that I downrated. In the case of the Ravens and the Texans, I expected Houston’s improvements from Week 1 to really shine in this game. And, much like the identical spread from their Week 1 matchup, the final scores between those two games are much more similar than I had anticipated (BAL 25 HOU 9 in Week 1 vs BAL 34 HOU 10 in Div Playoffs). I missed the mark on quite a few of my Over/Under selects –– overly optimistic in some places and too pessimistic in others. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

Still, Sir Rebral went 3-1 on spreads (75%). 🥳💪 In the playoffs, that makes me 8-1 overall against the spread. Those aren’t rookie numbers. 

Let’s break down the big wins and minor losses from this weekend. 

Sir Rebral Selects

✅❌SIR REBRAL SELECT: KC +2.5 @ BUF, Under 45.5

Final Score: KC 27 BUF 24

The Chiefs were able to produce one of their best offensive games of the season against the Bills defense, as expected. But on the other side, the Chiefs defense let me down, as Buffalo got almost whatever they wanted the whole game. Both teams were very efficient scoring and there were very few punts, so the over was all but dead by halftime.

✅❌SIR REBRAL SELECT: DET -6 v TB, Under 49.5

Final Score: DET 31 TB 23

The Bucs actually outgained the Lions, but they were able to cover, thanks to two turnovers. Detroit’s defense has really fallen off of a cliff since earlier this season. If I had weighted that factor higher in my pregame analysis, I might have even selected TB +6.5. Thankfully, I trusted my analyses, which steered us correctly on the spread. The 4th quarter explosion of points busted through the Under, but that was probably inevitable given the lack of defensive strength from both teams.

✅❌SIR REBRAL SELECT: GB +10 @ SF, Over 50.5 

Final Score: SF 24 GB 21

I predicted the 49ers to win by 3, and alas, they did! Many points were left on the board in this game. The Over likely would have gotten there, if not for some surprise rain in the forecast, which ended up affecting the kicking and those two missed field goals proved costly.

❌✅SIR REBRAL SELECT: HOU +9.5 @ BAL, Over 43.5

Final Score: BAL 34 HOU 10

Houston picked a bad time to play their worst game of the year. They got completely dominated by the Ravens defense this game. The Texans run game got nothing, and the offense in total only scored 3 points. 


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More on the final four teams soon, 

-- Joey