8-2 💪🤯🔥 Wild Card Weekend

Sir Rebral Cashes in on an Insane Sports Betting Week

Now that’s what I call a Wild Card weekend. In the face of insane weather conditions, I went 8-2 on my slate. 💪💪 That’s an 80% success rate. 🤯🤯🔥🔥 I’m keeping that momentum going, cranking the heat up to Sir Rebral scorching the rest of the playoffs. 

Let’s dive into what went right this Wild Card weekend (and those two pesky Over/Unders that I missed). 

Sir Rebral Wild Card Selects & Stayaway

🙅‍♂️SIR REBRAL STAY AWAY🙅‍♂️: CLE -3 @ HOU, Under 44.5

Don’t touch this game! 

Final Score: HOU 45 CLE 14

Many fans, myself, and Vegas alike, all were giving the Browns defense the benefit of the doubt. And giving the benefit of the doubt is not something that usually pans out when handicapping the NFL. If a team like the Browns has been bad on defense on the road for all 8 road games essentially, the 9th game isn’t the time to assume they will play well, especially against a QB as strong as CJ Stroud. The Texans and the over was the play, which many couldn’t see. Luckily, this one’s a stayaway.

✅✅SIR REBRAL SELECT: KC -4 v MIA, Under 44

Final Score: KC 26 MIA 7

Predictably, the Dolphins offense stalled. But they stalled harder than I could ever have imagined. Outside of one long Tyreek Hill touchdown, they got nothing! This speaks to the Chiefs defense as well, which will factor into their next game for sure. Easy win for the Chiefs here, as they came ready to play at last.

✅❌SIR REBRAL SELECT🧠: BUF -10 v PIT, Under 39

Final Score: BUF 31 PIT 17

That extra day, which allowed more time to prep the field and gave the weather a chance to clear up, made all the difference on this Over/Under. If you told me the field was going to be clear with no wind, I would have bet the over. But the initial weather report still had high wind and snow, even when they announced the reschedule. At the end of the day, this Steelers defense is just not good at all, and especially without TJ Watt. On a bright and sunny day, Buffalo could have scored more than 31 quite easily.

✅✅SIR REBRAL SELECT: GB +7.5 @ DAL, Over 50.5

Final Score: GB 48 DAL 32

What a way for the Cowboys to lose their first home game of the year, and their first home game in 16 games overall! A total meltdown. The Packers march into the playoffs flaming hot. We saw some really bad football from Green Bay the first half of the year, but that doesn’t matter now. This is a team that has figured out a lot in a short time span, and Dallas was nowhere near prepared for that storm. Matt LaFleur ran circles around the incompetent Mike McCarthy.


Final Score: DET 24 LAR 23

The Rams side outgained the Lions by 100 yards on the day, and their red zone failures swung the outcome. The Lions were 3 for 3 scoring TDs in the red zone, and the Rams were 0 for 3. Even though I predicted the Rams to win this one, they still covered, unlike my Over/Under pick. Despite a 90+% chance for the Over to hit by end of the 2nd quarter, we then witnessed ZERO touchdowns scored in the 2nd half! So it goes. 

✅✅SIR REBRAL SELECT: TB +3 v PHI, Under 44 

Final Score: TB 32 PHI 9

It was pretty evident that the Eagles were already on death’s door, but I didn’t think it would be this ugly. What a sad way to see a formerly great team go. The Under did in fact hold, but it was very dicey. Had I known the Buccaneers would manage 450 yards of offense, I would have laid off. I knew the Eagles defense was bad, but jeez! Tampa settling for all those FGs ended up saving the Under.


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