How to bet on Sunday: Colts or Falcons?

Week 16's Sir Rebral Seven

I spent this week deep in the numbers. As such, it took me a little bit longer to crank out the quality picks you deserve. I may be delivering you the Sir Rebral Seven a second late, but my full slate is already up 2-0 this week. 


Let’s keep that trend going. 

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Cerebral Index Rating: 98 (out of maximum 100) 

Score projection: Colts 24 Falcons 19 

When Taylor Heinicke got announced as the replacement for Desmond Ridder as the starter this week, the spread went from Colts favored by 2 to Falcons favored by 2, and I’m not buying it. The Colts are simply a better version of the Falcons, and have proved much more consistent this year at executing their offense, but take care of the ball more. The Colts can match the Falcons in their indoor track meet comfort, and they just have better play calling and coaching, undoubtedly. The quarterback switch also will take the Falcons out of their usual flow, as Ridder was actually running the offense very effectively outside of his red zone turnovers. The Colts are a better team, and should win this game. 


Cerebral Index Rating: 98

Score projection: Texans 25 Browns 20 

The difference between the Browns defense on the road and at home this year is night and day. The Browns defense has given up a minimum of 24 points on the road all season, and the matchup this week shouldn’t be too easy against a Texans team that is good at home and still has their offensive line intact and playing well. Although Stroud is still out, they showed they can still compete, gaining 350 yards of offense on the road in Case Keenum’s first start. I’m betting on some big plays from the Texans and them being able to establish a run game in this matchup.

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