Looking Back at the KC v SF Matchup

Sir Rebral Super Bowl Retrospect

What a weekend. An overtime Super Bowl game is one for the books. And even beyond the game, this weekend was full of record-breaking numbers. The game became the most watched program in history with 123.4 million average viewers. Nevada’s sportsbooks alone took in $185.6 million in bets and even before the game, a record 68 million people anticipated putting money on this game. 

So let’s walk through my pregame analysis for Super Bowl LVIII and unpack where I went right and where I went wrong. 

🏈Super Bowl LVIII🏈


Final Score: Chiefs 25 49ers 22

I correctly projected 47 points scored and I was right in saying “I think the Chiefs will face a roadblock in this game” in my pregame analysis. I called a stay away on the over under of 47.5 and it landed right where I predicted.   By the end of the first half, our friends in Kansas City had only scored a field goal. But I overestimated the size of the roadblock and the strength of the 49ers halftime adjustment. I had it backwards, thinking the Chiefs would win the first half and lose the game.  Andy Reid won this round of the coaching matchup and added another championship to his resume. Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan adds to his history of questionable decision making in the biggest games (receiving the ball in OT!).  I will have to take that into account next year if the 49ers are able to come out of the NFC once again. 

Even with this outcome, Vegas has the 49ers with the best odds to win Super Bowl 59 at +550 and KC as second best at +660.  Can you say sprinkle?! 

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