How to place your bet for Ravens v Rams

Week 14's Sir Rebral Seven

Happy Week 14 and welcome to any new Super Subjects. I royally present to you the Kingdom of Sir Rebral. If you’re just joining me on this journey after a very strong Week 13 (63% overall, 6-0 on Sunday football), here’s what I’ve got to brag about:

  • 55% Sir Rebral Seven season record 

  • 1 Perfect Score: Washington Commanders beat the Arizona Cardinals 20-16 in Week 1

  • 1 Correct Super Bowl Rematch Prediction (everybody slept on the Eagles coming through against KC in Week 11, but not me)

With only 4 weeks left of the regular season and tension ramping up, my anticipation only grows to finish out the season strong. Read on for this week’s selects and a bonus stay-away. 

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Cerebral Index Rating: 98

Score projection: Ravens 30 Rams 13

The Ravens have been an absolute behemoth this year, blowing out even the good teams at home. Now they are off of a bye, and face a Rams team who has shown some life the last few weeks beating up on bad teams, but will be put in their place this week. The Ravens still maintain their health heading into this matchup, so there is no reason to think that they won’t continue their excellent offensive line play, defensive line play, and special teams play. They are favored against the Rams in every matchup on the field this week. 


With two backup quarterbacks in Bailey Zappe and Mitchell Trubisky dueling on behalf of the teams with the worst offenses in the league up until this point, I felt confident selecting the Under. If I was making lines, I would have this number in the low 20s. Despite this seeming like a safe bet on face value, both teams over performed.


Don’t touch this spread! 

Both of these teams are not playing like their usual dominant selves right now, and they face off this week in a game where the winner is very much going to be in question. I view this as a pure coin flip game, as most things are roughly equal given the Chiefs are at home, and Buffalo is slightly better overall. Stay away from this one!

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