Sizzling Sir Rebral Seven in Week 7

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We’re hitting the ground running for Week 7. There’s a lot of exciting games this weekend, including the Eagles in their kelly greens vs the red hot Dolphins, and the well balanced Lions visiting Lamar and the Ravens. But I’m not worried about exciting games and what’s going to be fun to watch. I’m here to crunch the numbers and bring you results.

Last laugh before we get serious.

Alright. Let’s break down the numbers for this week’s selects.

Sir Rebral Seven


Cerebral Index Rating: 96% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Los Angeles 23, Pittsburgh 16

The Rams defense has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the season. Aaron Donald has amassed some serious help up front from rookie Kobie Turner and an emerging Byron Young. They’re poised to feast on a Steelers offensive line that has struggled, and an offense that simply hasn’t been very good. The Steelers defense has not been perfect this year, but coming off of a bye week they will be rested and prepared to slow down the Rams pass attack to some degree.


Cerebral Index Rating: 97% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Cleveland 19, Indianapolis 15

The Browns defense has officially cemented themselves as the best in the league, coming off of a dominating performance against the 49ers, holding them to almost no yardage in the second half. This matchup is also a duel of backup QBs, as PJ Walker will be at the helm for the Browns yet again. Gardner Minshew started to unravel at QB for the Colts last week with 4 turnovers, so I expect another multiple-turnover game against the Browns. The Colts have shown some creative offense and ability to move the ball this year, but their work is more than cut out for them this week. This week will be some ugly offense for both of these teams, making the under a trivial bet.


Cerebral Index Rating: 97% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Buffalo 20, New England 10

This matchup is two teams that are struggling mightily on offense as of late. And both squads have solid defenses that are going to have game plans to slow the other down, being division rivals that know each other well. Although the Patriots defense has fallen off a bit with their recent injuries, it might not show as much this week against a Buffalo team that has been sputtering the past few weeks.


Cerebral Index Rating: 96% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Atlanta 20, Tampa Bay 16

Both of these teams have their flaws, but through 6 weeks, the Falcons have looked much more reliable at moving the ball. The Bucs pass defense has regressed a lot, and the Falcons have picked up the pace in their pass attack the last few weeks. The Bucs defend the run well, but if Atlanta does find success there, they will win this game very handily. With the Bucs inability to run the ball, they are just very non threatening as an offense, and the Falcons pass defense has been more than adequate this year. The Bucs will be reliant on the pass game most likely, and I’m just not that confident in them after scoring just 6 last week. They may have fizzled out.


Cerebral Index Rating: 96% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Detroit 22, Baltimore 19

The Lions are a well-oiled machine on both sides of the football right now, and are just a bit better and a bit more consistent than the Ravens. The real X-factor here are the Lions’ receivers (amongst the best units in the league), while the Ravens guys have had some struggles with drops. The Lions also get sensational rookies Brian Branch and Jahmyr Gibbs back this week. This is a pretty close matchup and should be a 50/50 for the outright winner given it is in Baltimore, so give me the Lions with the points.


Cerebral Index Rating: 98% (out of maximum 100) 

Projection: Philadelphia 34, Miami 27

The Eagles had a bad week, but this is a new week and a new matchup. The Dolphins defense has not impressed this year, and they haven’t forced a turnover since week 3. Without Devon Achane, and going up against the Eagles 2nd ranked rush defense (65 yds/game), the Dolphins league-leading rush attack will face some real resistance on the ground for the first time all season. The Dolphins will also be down their best 2 linemen, Terron Armstead and Connor Williams, which could spell big trouble against a fierce Eagles D-line. Look for the Eagles to bounce back and win a relatively high scoring affair at home.


Cerebral Index Rating: 97% (out of maximum 100) 

Two great offenses and two defenses that have been more than suspect the first part of the season, to say the least. This game could go over by halftime.


Don’t touch this spread!

Yes, the Patriots have looked pathetic as of late. But the Bills have lost their offensive mojo, struggling a lot to convert third downs and execute the last two weeks. They were scoreless against the Giants through 3 quarters last week, and if that isn’t something that should be viewed as a red flag, I don’t know what is. They are obviously a lot better than NE, but they are favored by a healthy chunk on the road against a coach who could find a way to slow them down. I think the Bills win 20-10, which is too close to the spread. Stay away!

It’s no secret I spend a lot of time thinking about football. If we’re being honest, “a lot” is somehow still an understatement. I live and breathe NFL. So as a special bonus, I’m including my expertly calculated ranking of NFL teams overall. But beware: these don’t factor in coaching. These are just pure offensive and defensive rankings. Example: the Cowboys aren’t really the 7th best team, because of bad coaching. The Dolphins are better than the 10th best team because of good coaching. 

  1. San Francisco 49ers OFFENSE: 3rd DEFENSE: 3rd

  2. Philadelphia Eagles OFFENSE: 2nd DEFENSE: 5th

  3. Kansas City Chiefs OFFENSE: 5th DEFENSE: 9th

  4. Buffalo Bills OFFENSE: 8th DEFENSE: 6th

  5. Baltimore Ravens OFFENSE: 9th DEFENSE: 7th

  6. Jacksonville Jaguars OFFENSE: 7th DEFENSE: 10th

  7. Dallas Cowboys OFFENSE: 13th DEFENSE: 4th

  8. Detroit Lions OFFENSE: 4th DEFENSE: 16th

  9. Cleveland Browns OFFENSE: 20th DEFENSE: 1st

  10. Miami Dolphins OFFENSE: 1st DEFENSE: 21st

  11. New Orleans Saints OFFENSE: 15th DEFENSE: 8th

  12. Los Angeles Rams OFFENSE: 11th DEFENSE: 15th

  13. Cincinnati Bengals OFFENSE: 12th DEFENSE: 14th

  14. Houston Texans OFFENSE: 10th DEFENSE: 18th

  15. New York Jets OFFENSE: 27th DEFENSE: 2nd

  16. Washington Commanders OFFENSE: 18th DEFENSE: 12th

  17. Los Angeles Chargers OFFENSE: 6th DEFENSE: 27th

  18. Atlanta Falcons OFFENSE: 23rd DEFENSE: 13th

  19. Las Vegas Raiders OFFENSE: 14th DEFENSE: 23rd

  20. Seattle Seahawks OFFENSE: 17th DEFENSE: 20th

  21. Green Bay Packers OFFENSE: 25th DEFENSE: 17th

  22. Pittsburgh Steelers OFFENSE: 31st DEFENSE: 11th

  23. Indianapolis Colts OFFENSE: 19th DEFENSE: 24th

  24. Minnesota Vikings OFFENSE: 16th DEFENSE: 28th

  25. Tennessee Titans OFFENSE: 26th DEFENSE: 22nd

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers OFFENSE: 24th DEFENSE: 25th

  27. Chicago Bears OFFENSE: 22nd DEFENSE: 29th

  28. Denver Broncos OFFENSE: 21st DEFENSE: 31st

  29. New England Patriots OFFENSE: 32nd DEFENSE: 19th

  30. New York Giants OFFENSE: 28th DEFENSE: 26th

  31. Arizona Cardinals OFFENSE: 27th DEFENSE: 30th

  32. Carolina Panthers OFFENSE: 30th DEFENSE: 32nd

I’ll keep evolving and computing as the season continues, but I’m excited to share my ranking results as of today. As always, come find me on Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.


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