Smartest bets to place for CAR v ATL and IND v PIT

Week 15 Selects & The Sir Rebral Steam Sensor

To kickoff this week’s preview, I want to give you a peek inside the strategy I use to deliver quality selects week after week. 

In the lab, I’ve come up with a new way to detect an edge on Over/Under lines by analyzing the movement of the numbers throughout the week. I call it The Sir Rebral Steam Sensor. This strategy does not hold significant statistical value when it comes to spreads (which are more random and harder to bet on generally), but holds quite nicely for Over/Unders. However, movement could happen anywhere between now and gametime, affecting my sharpest Over/Under prediction until the last minute. Nonetheless, this strategy will provide major value to those who want to crush the O/U market. Keep an eye out on our socials for updates an hour before tip off!

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Cerebral Index Rating: 98 (out of maximum 100) 

Score projection: Colts 31 Steelers 17

There is a reason the Steelers have been outgained in all but 1 game through Week 14: they aren’t very good. And to make matters worse, they are still running with Mitchell Trubisky this week, and they are on the road against a Colts team who has proved to be fantastic on offense at home. Shane Steichen has proven to be a reliable player caller, and I am counting on him to out-scheme and out-coach Mike Tomlin. The Colts defense does have their issues, but this is a matchup they can certainly handle. Take the Colts. 


Cerebral Index Rating: 98 

Score projection: Panthers 20 Falcons 12

I know what you’re probably thinking: The Panthers are 1-12! It’s true, but things are lining up for them to win this week. They finally have established a run game, and they face a toothless Falcons defensive line this week who will be on the road in a game with almost guaranteed rain on the forecast. The Panthers defense has toughened up as of late, and when the Falcons are out of their element (good weather, and at home in a dome!) their offense will not be anywhere near their usual self. I think Carolina is going to win with ease this week in an ugly division game. 

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