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What happens when you combine a photographic memory, nerdy passion for Scrabble, and an even deeper obsession with NFL stats and betting lines?

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I’m Joey, a Scrabble Grandmaster and the 2022-23 Player of the Year (editor’s note: that’s Sir Joey to you 😤). I started winning Scrabble tournaments when I was 13, and I achieved the top overall performance rating this year. People think Scrabble is about words; it’s not. It’s about math and probabilities. I am the best in the world at turning a game with a million variables into an algorithm. And that is exactly what I started doing last year with football handicapping, where I finished with a record of 130-97 (57%) in my rookie campaign as an NFL sharp.

One of the many awards I received at this year’s Scrabble Players Championship

Here’s my methodology. I’ve spent this entire offseason consuming every piece of information on the 32 teams, 1,696 players, and thousands of stat lines that make up the league. I memorize them like I memorized the dictionary. I pumped out a 151-page document to break everything down into a digestible outlook, and a 64-pager for Week 1 matchups. I condense my research into a set of algorithms, watch every snap of every game, fine tune the algos, rinse and repeat.

We’re giving sports bettors like you unheard of access to 100+ hours of my brain power each week — that’s right, I’m putting Scrabble on hiatus while I eat, sleep, and breathe football. As my kickass algorithms continue to improve, you can expect to make higher and higher profits. 🤑 Together, let’s crush NFL betting markets.

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